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"The Sun unites us all."

Cygnis Linzar

Vital statistics
Position Priest
Age 28
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Family Malachi Linzar, Father.

Shaleene Linzar, Mother.

Umara Linzar, Elder Sister.

Jarack Linzar, Elder Brother.

Elani Linzar, Elder Sister.

Delfin Linzar,Elder Brother.

Arianne Linzar, Elder Sister.

Sanina Linzar, Younger Sister.

Physical attributes
Height 6'8"
Weight 230lbs

Born into a large but poor family from the Southern Isles, Cygnis was sent to Myridia to live with the Kelwynds and become a priest of Syntherion, the sky god.

House Linzar is one that used to be wealthy and well-respected many generations ago but who have fallen on hard times recently. Because of their newfound poverty, the Linzars started a tradition of sending their children to squire or apprentice for other people. The Linzars are one of the few houses that worship Syntherion and so they decided to send Cygnis, the most pious of their children, to Sunsky, the seat of House Kelwynd, be trained by Head Priest Father Falquor.