Clara Galry
"Find a cause to bleed for, and keep going until the bleeding stops."
Vital statistics
Position Traveler
Age 21
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
  • Marcus Galry (Brother)
  • Jonathan Galry (Brother)
  • Maryanne Galry (Mother)
  • Noah Galry (Father)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Clara was poor into a middle class family that lived in a small village in the woods. Her father was a former knight who acted as the protector of the town and its people, assisted by his eldest son. Clara was taught by him on how to use a sword, and she used that training as a jumping off point to teach herself how to use twin daggers. She began to master the arts of thievery, learning how to pickpocket and steal without notice, and how to remain invisible within a crowd. The village was eventually raided by bandits, resulting in her father's death. Clara left home soon after, determined to make a new life for herself somewhere else, and to hunt down and kill her father's murderers.

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