Cara Albarn
"The moment someone takes the importance of life for granted, is the moment their life isn't important to me."
Vital statistics
  • Peasant
  • Traveler
  • Sellsword
Age 25
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
  • Meira Berke (Biological Mother)
  • Elijah Berke (Biological Father)
  • Tamra Berke (Biological Sister)
  • Micah Berke (Biological Brother)
  • Simon Berke (Biological Brother)
  • Daliah Berke (Biological Sister)
  • Cornelius Albarn (Surrogate Father)
  • Ebele DuPont (Surrogate Sister)
  • Andrew Martin (Surrogate Brother)
  • James Clark (Surrogate Brother)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Cara Albarn started her life as Carmel Berke, the youngest of a group of five, the daughter of a farmer and a goat herder in Kasreen. With a huge family that was all in the same area, every moment of her life was monitored as if it wasn't her own. She was deeply unhappy with this, and ran away at the age of fourteen to seek a different life somewhere else.

After being on the road for a year, she was taken in by a man named Cornelius Albarn, which resulted in her taking her nickname and his last name as he own. She then spent the next ten years of her life in a secluded monastery he was a part of, where she was taught the basics of math and reading, and how to fight. She was mostly trained in battle, and as a result does not know much of the outside world, and her education could best be described as comparable to an eleven year old's. Also for this reason, she sees the nobility as silly and frivolous, and has a hard time respecting the wealthy.

Near the end of those ten years, three of her closest friends were killed in a battle with a madman enhanced by magic, slaughtered like fish in a barrel. She was able to steal a magic charm from him that gave him strength, killed him, and kept the charm for herself. She came out of this with a deep distrust and hatred of magic, and the mindset that anyone who treated people as if they were disposable were the people she would never respect or admire.

This event put her into a constant state of misery and guilt, and decided to leave with the promise to write home to Cornelius and send money back to the monastery. She now lives as a sellsword, and finds herself learning more about the world she had been so removed from.