Born into a musical family, Braven Xavier was born as the 2nd born of his other 4 siblings. Because his family were performers/ and usually traveled throughout Terresol, he learned many songs and instruments by the time he turned 15. His mother and father shortly died after that,having caught pneumonia. His eldest brother, Trefnir, took the youngest of the siblings and settled in the northern part of Terresol. Braven Xavier having the desire to explore more of Terresol, continued in his parents foot steps. For three years he has traveled throughout Terresol, preforming on the streets, for parties and other special events. When he preformed on the streets, he collected tips which paid for his food, and rarely an inn room.

Braven preferred to play guitar over the other instruments he knew how to play. He owned a hand made maple wood acoustic guitar, passed down his family tree. He was not as much of a singer as his sisters were, but he knew a few songs.