"Slytherin In."

Vital statistics





Status Active

Physical attributes

Height 50 ft (15 m)

56,000-98,000 lbs.

(25401-44452 Kg)

Overview:A basilisk is a very deadly creature. Being the largest reptile there is outside of dragons, the basilisk can grow quite huge. The first ones were made by laying a chicken's egg under a toad, however now in modern times, basilisk has managed to breed on their own, and no longer require dark wizards to create them. Besides their massive size and sharp teeth, they have another much more insidious weapon to use against people. If one were to look into the eyes of a basilisk, they will be turned to stone and die. Basilisk are also near impossible to tame, with many dead wizards attesting to the fact. However even these lethal creatures have their weakness. They are weak against fire and the cry of a rooster can cause them immense pain.

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