"They howl like Hell"

Vital statistics





Status  Undead

Physical attributes

Height Varied 
Weight Varied 

Overview: Banshees are ghastly spirits that take the appearance of a human female, often seeming to have been murdered, and generally have a very radig appearance to them. They will always be seen wearing some kind of dress, usually gray or black. their hair will belong and tangled up. The age of their appearance has varied, from old hag to young woman.Aside from their rather disturbing appearance, it would seem the banshee is harmless. However the banshee’s true purpose is revealed when someone is about to die. At this point, the banshee will unless a bone chilling scream that indicates someone will die soon. If a group of banshees does this, then that means someone very important is going to die. In other folklore, they are known as wailing women.