Aria Kodoma
"We stop being lonely when we're okay with being alone."
Vital statistics
Position Mage
Age 19
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
Family Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Aria was born in Praisia. Her mother shortly left her and her father, a ruby miner, almost all traces of her existence disappearing with her. During her childhood, see was often alone in the small, one room apartment her father and her shared, as it was all he could afford, where she would spend her days watching the beggars and merchants below through the small grimy window above her bed.

Just a few days after her 15th birthday, she broke out of the prison her father imposed on her, hungering to explore. She was led to a small, unkempt shop, devoid of any other people. She found a large dark orb, black wisps floating in its confines, and upon touching it, being infused with whatever dark being was trapped inside.

Shortly afterwards, she left the city, sneaking off with a small caravan of iron traders, her only companion the spirit that caused her insanity, the dark orb implanted under the nape of her neck and along the backs of her arms mementos of the day that changed her life for the worse, the skin cracked them it like porcelain. With its power, she had learned how to manipulate shadows around her, manifesting them into physical objects or beings.

In many places, she is seen as a heretic, filled with unholy spirits that can only be purged by death. Her quest to end her life as a prisoner in her home led to her imprisonment from society.