Arean Horses
Arean horses
"There are only 12 in existence."

Vital statistics




Immortal and Timeless

Status Alive

Physical attributes

Height 8ft
Weight 1,100 Ibs

Overview: These horses are said to have pulled the chariot of the ancient Myridian war gods. It was said long ago, that he bestowed these 12 steeds upon the children of the Myridian Empire;The 12 of the Blood Vow, to help them in their time of needs after they pledged their lives to the cause of the Gods.

They are said to be able to sustain great injuries, and breath fire upon their enemies. However they are sterile, not able to pass their divine powers and as such, if one is to die, it can not be replaced. These horses will only obey the rider they were assigned to. If they were to be captured, they would breath fire mercilessly upon those who hold them. They are generally near the 12 at all times and don’t seem to require food. Other than that, their size and weight match that of an average horse.