Araedia is a large province situated next to Terresol, it has a Large amount of coastal land to the South and East to allow trade. Many rivers also source from the Araedian mountains, easing trade routes and keeping land fertile. The capital is a well built city, Erilia, home to the majority of the noble Araedian houses.


Araedia experiences relatively warm summers and very mild winters, due to its location in the mild South. It is also often known as the nation of blossoms, as it is home to some of the most beautiful flowers in the whole of Marin.

Ruling Power

The throne of Araedia rightly belongs to House De Lancret, however as their heir, the Princess Rhaenys Alexandra is not yet of age the matters of state are being seen to by the Queen Mother Juliana De Barbarac, who is the princess' grandmother. All provinces are ruled by separate houses that all report back to the Royals.

Detailed Map



The Northernmost province that is under the guardianship of the Havilliard Brothers, Arcan and Marcellus. It is mostly flat land with many small streams to keep the land fertile. The majority of the land is used to grow rice and barley.

Provincial Capital: Revyanoalis

Bastard Surname: Aster


The Western Province that is ruled by House Valois. It is a land with many valleys and extreme contours. The main inhabitants of Aesherene tend to work in the mines that are constructed into the sides of each valley to extract coal and occasionally precious gems from the single royal mine.

Provincial Capital: Qarrathon

Bastard Surname: Lavender


The central, landlocked province that is ruled by House Raith. Its land is covered with large Temperate Deciduous forests, many of the peasants work in the lumber trade. Selective felling takes place to ensure the sustenance of the forests.

Provincial Capital: Estigarde

Bastard Surname: Dahlia


The Eastern province that was originally ruled by the De Lancret's before they took the throne. Now, it is under the guardianship of House Duvall. A large section of the province is cut off and used solely for military purposes. The rest of the land is used for growing wheat and herbs.

Provincial Capital: Charybdin

Bastard Surname: Yarrow


The Southern Province ruled by House De Martel. It has the largest shoreline and mainly handles the import/export of the Kingdom. Many of the towns lay close to the River Zacill or by the ports. A large portion of the young men of the province are traditionally pledged to the navy and then retire to become fishermen later on in life. It also holds the National Capital, Erillia.

Provincial Capital: Seannathra

Bastard Surname: Narcissus


The Araedian majority follow and practice The Rites of Soleil