Alofen Smith grew up in the northern most town in Northwind. His family, the Smith family, has passed down the art of Smithing metal for many generations. From when Julian Smith gave birth to when Alofen turned 20, Faroin (Alofen father) has taught Alofen the family secrets and tricks to metal Smithing. However, because he was a blacksmith, he never got to explore as a child. This sparked his curiosity of the world, though never gave him the drive to change his family's job. Alofen childhood was a simple one, one of routine and little change. The spark never left him though, and when he turned 23, he asked Faroin for a set of basic blacksmith tools to start up a newhole shop in another town. Reluctantly, Faroin agreed and sent Alofen on his way, traveling to Irons gate for a new start. He carries with him on his travel a hammer, built to smash molten iron into shape, and his family name; well known amongst his home town. Alofen Smith stands at 5"7, 189 lbs. He is very calm and forward thinking, never holding his punches back when he talks. He does not tolerate people who best around the bush either.