"What the hell, right?"
Vital statistics
Position Traveler
Age 18
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
  • Parents
  • Little Brother
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Alexander Stone has been travelling on his own ever since his family died when he was nine years old. At first he started travelling to get away and move on, but then he realised how much he loved it and never settled down anywhere. Not having a home gave him a feeling of freedom, though he does feel lonely at times and miss his family. No one really knows him, as he usually never stays in one place for long enough to create lasting friendships. He tries to be a peaceful person, but he's drawn towards adventure and is not afraid to break some rules to have a good time. Also, as he's not exacly rich, he sometimes has to steal or cheat to keep himself alive. The only possesions he has that he really cares about are his bow and quiver. They belonged to his mother, and despite it not being the best in the world, he'd pick them over better quality equipment, as he's more familiar with them and will always find them easier to use.